About Us

  • Founder/Owner of Oh Sweets! LLC 

Welcome Oh Sweets customers and thank you for visiting our online store where we strive to iNspire everyone to be the best version of themselves through self care and skin care. Our goal is to create fun new vibrant skin care products that are 100% natural and healthy for your skin.

About the Owner

I am a mother of two amazing kids, a wife, former teacher of 15 years and a first-year small business owner/operator of Oh Sweets! Skin Care LLC. I create 100% natural, cruelty free skin care products that have great benefits, smell delectable, look edible, however none of my products are edible. My goal is to inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves through self-care and skin care.

The Oh Sweets Story

My journey in skincare began during the Covid Pandemic a few months after our son was born. When he turned about 6 months old I noticed patches of dry skin, scratch marks on his belly and that he would itch uncontrollably after bathing and then days later he began picking at his inner arms and back. So, I went to our local pharmacy and purchased numerous over the counter creams to help soothe my baby’s skin but nothing consistently helped. My husband and I then decided to schedule an appointment with our son’s pediatrician where they would confirm that he was experiencing eczema outbreaks in which they prescribed him a topical steroid cream to treat his condition.  I wasn’t a fan of putting chemicals on my 6-month old’s skin so I researched home remedies and natural products that would help alleviate pain and dryness without harmful additives. From this experience is how I eventually formulated my own moisturizing, nutrient-rich body butter. Once I perfected my body butter recipe, other skincare items were created: Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs, Hair Oil, Beard Oil, and Oil Bars. Many of customers have shown so much love for my products, and interest in my journey they have participated in my body butter creation classes which I began hosting only a few months ago.


 Oh Sweets! Skin Care LLC is a local E-commerce and service-based business that serves Memphis, TN and surrounding areas, offering natural hand-made skin care products and product creation classes. Our mission is to teach as many people as we can about the importance and benefits of natural, holistic, hand-made skincare products versus using products that are filled with chemicals, specifically topical steroids. Our products are made with plant-based ingredients for people of all ages and all skin types. Being the first and only skin care class of its kind in Memphis, TN, opens the opportunity for everyone including children, to learn and experience how to create their own natural skin care products in a safe, fun, new and exciting way. Through focusing on a more holistic approach to heal and alleviate symptoms associated with dry and irritated skin due to eczema or other skin conditions allows our products to be marketed to a more direct target audience.

Our motto at Oh Sweets is simple: To iNspire everyone that comes across our products to take chances, grind hard, strive for greatness and to never give up on their dreams!

As the owner, and operator of Oh Sweets! Skin Care it is my pleasure to share with the you and world, clean, healthy and iNspiring skin care products.

With Sweet Love,

💕 Valencia