1. When can we expect our order?

The processing time for all orders is 2-3 business days excluding weekend and holidays. 

2. What is the return policy?

Due to the nature of our all natural products, we cannot assure the purity of merchandise once it has been shipped. For safety and hygiene reasons this merchandise cannot be restocked or resold so we do not accept returns.

3. Where do you ship?

Currently we ship only in the United States.

International Orders: Not at this time.

4. Do you ship to PO Boxes?

We do offer shipping to PO Boxes and US-based courier forwarding services.

5. What If my products melt during transit? 

During transit and during warmer months, your products are prone to changing textures such as softening or even melting due to extreme temperatures

If this occurs, prior to opening your jar, place the items in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow them to harden. DO NOT OPEN TO CHECK FOR MELTING BEFORE REFRIGRATION. This can cause spilling which will result in loss of product.

Our hand-whipped process adds tiny air bubbles that increase the volume, just like whipping cream. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles collapse and the volume is decreased. 

So, although the jar was filled to the top initially, there will be less volume in the container (since it has deflated) and the container may actually look half full.

After cooling, a melted Whipped Butter will be the consistency of a body balm and is still a great moisturizer!

If a Sugar Scrub melts due to hot weather, the oil may begin to separate. Just place it in the fridge!  As it begins to harden up, give it a stir and place it back in the refrigerator. Once it's solidified and mixed it will be perfect to use!

6. Can I change an incorrect address?

You may email info@ohsweetz.com.com within 12 hours of placing your order to make any changes to address. Once the 12 hour timeframe has passed, no changes will be made. 

7. How do I track my order? 

Upon your order being shipped, you will receive your tracking number via email. Please ensure that your email address is correct. 

8. My order says delivered but I have not received my package. What do I do? 

 If this occurs, please contact your local Post Office to resolve this issue. Once your order has been shipped, Oh Sweets is not held responsible or liable for any lost, damaged or stolen packages. 

Refund policy

In some cases where issues arise beyond our control we will try our best to rectify the situation. For example, if an item is damaged or broken, pictures of the products may be required for a refund to be granted, contact us at info@ohsweetz.com or ohsweetz@yahoo.com 

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Summer Shipping Policy (May through September)

Based on the high temperatures in the summer months, all orders placed between May-September are subject to the Summer Shipping Policy. In efforts to ensure a fast turnaround time for orders getting to our customers we only ship Monday through Thursday to avoid any delays. We will also ship items with a sealed dry ice pack. Please ensure that you track your order and retrieve your items from the mailbox or doorstep as soon as they arrive to avoid any melting that may occur in the high temperatures.  We assume no responsibility for melting issues and orders will not be replaced.